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I've been a developer since 2010 and since then, it gradually became from a hobby to my passion. I've been leaning as many programming languages as I could fit in my free time as possible and tried to perfect my skill by watching YouTube videos and reading books and many articles about programming.

I made 7 'big' projects as of right now -which are all free- and most of them found their way into people's computers and they are writing quite many good reviews on them.
I also make videos on YouTube video tutorials on VB and C# every friday to teach other people how to program.

I thank every single person that helped this happen and you people made my life a whole lot better. If it wasn't for you, I would've been just another nerd playing video games at home. Period.

If you would like to help me grow, please show your love at any of these social networks or you could make a small donation in order to help me improve my future products:

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